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How to Become a Mystery Shopper

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 Have you ever wondered how to become a mystery shopper? It’s easier than you might think, and you could get started today.

There are two mystery shopping companies that I’m currently signed up with, and my favourite is RedWigWam. Since July, I’ve earned £69. This may not sound like a great deal, but one every week/every other week goes straight towards my debt repayments. Payment for each job is usually around £7.50, and takes less than an hour to complete. You can even choose when you want to be paid.

When choosing available jobs, I take distance, potential fuel costs and travel time into consideration.

The jobs themselves are really straightforward – I’ve put together some examples below:

Check and purchase

This involves going into the specified store, and checking that a particular item is stocked on the shelves. You will be required to take some photos (read the brief carefully for full details), potentially tidy the shelves, and purchase a specific product. You get to keep the product, and are reimbursed when you’re paid. I’ve recently sampled quark, soup, and chocolate milkshake – and these all go towards keeping my food bill down as I can use them in my weekly menu.

On submitting your report, you’ll need to upload your receipt, the photographs, and answer questions about the availability.

Take photos

This was really straightforward and involved taking (discreet) photos of each of the required cereal bays (the width of the shelves). On submitting the report, I had to answer a few questions regarding the layout/setup of the different product categories. There was no purchase involved, I simply had to upload my photographs and complete the report before submitting.

Purchase and taste test

There are often requirements to purchase items online for review. We recently got to purchase some Organix Goodies snacks, which my youngest sampled for me and told me yay or nay. I simply had to write a review on the relevant website and take screenshots of my review for uploading to my report. And the best part? We got to keep the products as well as being reimbursed for them.

I’ve actually completed two of these types of mystery shopping jobs. One through, which I ordered through Click and Collect. The other was Morrisons. As there is a £40 minimum order for online groceries (and subsequent delivery charge), I ordered these to coincide with my weekly shop.

On signing up with RedWigWam, you’ll need to fill out a few details about your preferences, right to work etc. You’ll also need to get someone else to confirm your identity, but it’s all pretty straightforward.

I’d highly recommend this company as a good starting point for mystery shopping, and a great way to make more money. They have a chat function available for any queries or issues you have, and payment is made directly into your bank account. You’ll even receive a payslip, with a payment frequency that suits you. I have mine set up to be paid the following day, which I send straight towards my debt repayments.

Mystery shopping beats doing surveys, gets you out of the house, and boosts your confidence. Earn yourself some extra money and join RedWigWam today.

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